Since 1950, our culture is based on the principles of co-responsibility and transparency, placing people at the centre of our activity. Today, these values form the basis of our commitment we acquire with our employees, consumers, society, the environment and responsible growth:

1. Living in a safe, dignified and pleasant work environment

Promoting equality and diversity as a fundamental part of our culture.  Fomenting sports and projects linked to the acquisition of healthy lifestyles.  Encouraging communication through the contribution of ideas and suggestion.  Training and informing on trends, regulations and processes in each area.

2. Improving people’s quality of life

Offering products that contribute to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.  With a special focus on food safety and hygiene.  Continuously innovating to adapt  to your needs and lifestyle. Communicating responsibly, with close, useful and quality information.

3. Participating in an active and collaborative society

Taking part in charitable projects and actions related to health. Supporting the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights and Labour. Evaluating our supply chain to eradicate abusive practices.  Committing to local job creation.

4. Respecting the planet for a clean and sustainable future

Engaging in campaigns to keep seas and oceans full of life.  Reducing the environmental impact of all our processes.  Developing more efficient and sustainable technologies. Contributing to the reduction of food waste.

5. Not forgetting where we come from

Integrating our values of social responsibility with development. Making all workers aware of our social responsibility principles. Managing our resources ethically, with honesty and integrity. Promoting and fostering effective partnerships.