The best moments are the ones we share with the ones we love the most. And in Delfín, since 1950 until today, we maintain the same passion, to be the FLAVOUR of those special moments.

We all like to enjoy a meal and that´s why at Delfín, we have been producing quality seafood for so many years, perfect for taking care of yourself and for sharing. 

It is our aim to increase WELLNESS, yours, your loved ones and the oceans. Therefore we work to offer healthy, safe, tasty options and for seas full of life.


In short, we can help you set the table for those special moments. No meal is complete without the people we love.

Delfín, since 1950… the taste of the best moments.


A 14 years old boy called Delfín begins to work in a small fishmonger’s shop in the Santo Domingo market in Madrid.  At the age of 18 he takes over the fishmonger and that’s how our story begins.


In order to make life easier for its customer, Delfín begins to cook and freeze seafood, being a pioneer in Spain. This is how Frigoríficos Delfín was born.


One again, seeking the closeness and comfort of customers, Delfín begins to distribute seafood throughout Spain. We produce more and better!


The Delfín Brand enters Spanish homes, making seafood a much more accessible product for consumers. Cooked, frozen and straight to the table!


Because food safety is our priority, Delfín becomes one of the first companies in the sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.


Delfín continues to grow, so much that we have to move to a new facility in Ontígola, Toledo. Thanks to this milestone we achieved the IFS certifcate (Food 5 ADVANCED LEVEL), that ensures maximum quality and safety in all our food.


We have a duty to take care of natural resources, we obtain the MSC and ASC seals, that certify sustainable fishing and aquaculture. In addition, Delfín grows outside of Spain and we are increasingly involved ins Social Responsibility actions.


Taking care of you and your loved ones remains our passion. That’s why we are constantly working on healthy, safe and tasty food. Your needs change and we change with you to always give you the best.

Delfín Gómez de la Flor & Luz Díaz Ledesma 

A life of passion, hard work and dedication