In Delfín Ultracongelados, the sea i sour life. And we don’t want to run out.  What is more, we want to give back everythins it gives us by promoting sustainable fishing.

All our processes are designed and executed in order to ensure the biodiversity of the marine ecosystem. Our respect for the environment is accredited with the following certifications:

Because bringing the best seafood to your table is compatible with the protection of our oceans.

The label-MSC is awarded to wild caught fish and seafood that comes from sustainable fisheries. This means that is leaves enough fish in de sean and avoids negative impact in their hábitats. It also ensures that people can mantain fishing as a way of life.

The label-ASC is only awarded to seafood products from responsible aquaculture. This ensures that the aquaculture industry cultivates fish and seafood using sistema that aim to reduce the environmental and social impact of this activity.

The EU certification for  organic products guarantee the use of natural processes and animal welfare. It means that they have been produced, processed, transporte and stored under stric controls.