In view of the exceptional situation generated by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-2019), you are hereby informed that in DELFÍN UNTRACONGELADOS S.A. Ontígola (Toledo) we continue to work remotely and our production plant is functioning following the recommendations of the Health Authorities and in conformity with the Royal Decree-Law 463/2020 (14th of March).

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), states that there is no evidence that food is a source or transmission route of Coronavirus (COVID-2019). However, it is the Food Industry´s responsibility to take full precautions and ensure food safety.

Our contingency plan aims to:

  • Increase our security measures for all our workers and shared work zones.

  • Prevent and contain the risk of viral contagion and/or spread.

  • Strictly follow all our Health Authorities recommendations.

  • Guarantee the continuity of our activity and safe supply of goods to our customers. By doing so, we continue to contribute to provide a basic and fundamental service to the population with the desire to minimise the negative impact and overcome this situation as soon as possible.

Our contingency plan, in its early phase, includes the following measures:

  • The creation of a Monitoring committee that will assess the situation on a daily basis and will adopt any necessary measures or extraordinary measures to ensure our workers safety following the Authorities recommendations.

  • In this way, Management will stay informed and in direct contact with the Head´s of Department to take any necessary decisions given the changing circumstances of this crisis.

  • Internal notification to employees of the Health Authorities recommended hygiene standards and reminder of requirement to contact the health system and inform the company in the event of experiencing any symptoms possibly indicating infection by the virus, or in the event of having visited any locations affected by an outbreak, so that the pertinent measures may be taken as specified in health authority protocols.

In the case of any workers having symptoms, this person is to immediately inform Delfín and cut contact with all other workers.

  • Reorganising work into two shifts for our Production Plant, Laboratories, Maintenance and Logistics departments, avoiding contact between both shifts and maintaining a minimum security distance of 1.5 meters whenever possible. This security distance must also be kept during breaks and in all common areas.

  • Access and exit controls to avoid agglomerations.

  • Temperature Monitoring (under 37ºC) and symptoms control when accessing the premises – complying with current Data Protection Law Regulations.

  • Organising and ensuring all workers have the necessary resources to work remotely, from home and prevent being exposed.

  • Attendance to all trade shows, face –to-face meetings and commercial visits to our premises have been suspended. All training activities and audits have been postponed or will be carried out remotely.

  • Anyone from outside Delfín must comply with the same security and health standards as Delfín workers. Specific and strict controls have been put in place for carriers.

  • Monitoring our clients and suppliers to balance stock and necessary services to continue our activity.

  • Anticipating to any transport restrictions and purchasing all necessary packaging materials, raw materials and laboratory equipment.

  • Reinforcing our cleaning and disinfection plan, especially for common areas, handrails and door handles.

  • Stocking enough cleaning products and protection equipment including face masks and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

  • Foreseeing new staff recruitment for replacements

  • Monitoring all any employees with higher risks of being infected (people with health conditions, immunocompromised, pregnant, etc) taking all necessary precautions to keep them safe.

All these preventive health and management measures will be updated by our Monitoring Committee as the current situation evolves and always complying with all Health Authorities recommendations.

*Our full contingency plan is available if required.