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open and serve

Your favourite seafood products, cooked and ready to eat. We believe you don´t have to give up the flavour even if you don’t have time to cook. Defrost, open the package and enjoy.

our specials

Quality, tradition and knowledge come together for these products full of flavour.  Selected following the most demanding standards to bring fine cuisine to your table.

it's natural

A great variety of natural raw fish and seafood. The basics that cannot be missing in the kitchen. With all the flavour and nutrients, ready for you to use whenever you want.

easy cooking

Easy, tasty and healthy ready meals to cook in the oven, microwave or pan. The best results in just a few minutes. To share, to snack or for a quick dinner.

know about the sea

We have been specialists in seafood since 1950. We know about the sea and this is why we have the ability to produce tailor –made products for our customers, applying all our seafood knowledge.

recién salidos del mar

¡Take a look at all the news we have in store for you! From premium products to ready meals. ¡Ready to share and enjoy!